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Tunnus:prEN 13483
Komitea:CEN/TC 218
Komitean nimi:Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies
Lausuntokierros alkanut:2021-03-28
Lausuntopyynnön määräaika:2021-05-27
Ehdotuksen soveltamisala:This document specifies the requirements and test methods for verification for hose assemblies with vapour recovery for delivery systems on petrol filling stations.The hose assemblies with vapour recovery for delivery systems on petrol filling stations need to be capable of withstanding anticipated mechanical, thermal and chemical stressing and be resistant to the combustible liquids used in these applications as well as their vapour and vapour air mixtures. It is imperative that the assemblies be constructed in such a way that actions during normal operation cannot give rise to dangerous electrostatic charges nor that there will be any reduction in the performance of the vapour recovery.The assemblies are intended for use at ambient temperatures between –30 °C and +55 °C for normal temperature class and –40 °C and +55 °C for low temperature class at a working pressure = 16 bar .Hoses can be constructed from rubber or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and this document specifies the requirements for three types of hoses in two grades and two classes of hose assemblies for measured fuel dispensing systems, including oxygenated fuels (=15 % oxygenated compounds) with internal vapour recovery tubing or hose.NOTE This document is not applicable to multi chamber fuel dispensing hoses.As part of the certification of a new dispenser, testing of fuel samples in accordance with EN 228 are carried out at least eight weeks after the first use of the equipment to avoid unrepresentative sulphur content results.

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