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Tunnus:ISO/DIS 24495-1
Komitea:ISO/TC 37
Komitean nimi:Language and terminology
Lausuntokierros alkanut:2022-05-29
Lausuntopyynnön määräaika:2022-07-28
Ehdotuksen soveltamisala:This International Standard is for anybody who creates or helps create documents. The widest use of plain language is for documents that are intended for the general public, but it is also applicable, for example, to technical writing, legislative drafting, or using controlled languages. This Standard will help authors develop documents that communicate effectively with their intended readers. It applies to most written languages and reflects the most recent research on plain language and the experience of plain language experts. This Standard provides principles and guidelines for developing plain language documents. The guidelines detail how the principles should be interpreted and applied. The four governing principles are as follows: These principles rest on the premise that a document will be usable if the information in it is relevant, findable, and understandable (see Figure 1). From the perspective of authors, following the guidelines under the first three principles will make it likely that readers can use a document. But the only way to ensure that is to evaluate the document continually by applying Principle 4 guidelines. In other words, the Standard does not describe a sequential process, because the four principles are interdependent and influence each other. Applying them all together is crucial for developing plain language documents. Annex A provides a visual overview of the principles and guidelines. Annex B provides a checklist to help authors apply this Standard. The guidelines that the International Standard provides are recommendations. They do not establish requirements. The Standard applies to most, if not all, written languages, but it provides examples only in English. When localising the Standard, national standards bodies can adapt and expand the Standard to achieve the goals of plain language in their own languages. Contrary to best practices and its own recommendation, the Standard cannot use the second person (“you”) to address readers due to ISO rules. While this Standard covers the essential elements of plain language, it has some intentional limits:

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