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Tunnus:ISO/DIS 18561-2
Komitea:ISO/TC 204
Komitean nimi:Intelligent transport systems
Lausuntokierros alkanut:2022-08-07
Lausuntopyynnön määräaika:2022-10-03
Toimialayhteisö:Yhteinen Toimialaliitto
Ehdotuksen soveltamisala:This document provides the application and specification to identify a standard for transportation management as a way of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in urban transportation networks to improve eco-mobility and/or sustainability, which would undertake joint work with ISO Technical Committee 204 (ISO/TC204) – Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to identify. These ITS technologies can increase operational efficiencies and unlock enhanced transportation safety and eco-mobility applications. The urban mobility applications via nomadic device will build on the existing transportation planning process including trip generation, trip distribution, and modal choices with respect to an extended measures of effectiveness (MOE) in transportation models, such as being time effective, cost effective, and green(eco) effective, as well. The nomadic device is presented as a personal ITS station in this document in order to communicate the other stations including vehicle, roadway infrastructure, and centres for defining the requirements for interfaces between the stations in urban mobility applications to accommodate to the specific needs of eco-mobility in a smart city. ISO 18561 consists of the following two parts, under the general title Intelligent transport systems (ITS) - Urban mobility applications via nomadic device for green transport management: Part 1 specifies the general requirements to provide mobility information according to user preference on demand utilizing a variety of existing apps on nomadic devices related with different transport means. An integrated mobility information platform has been defined in the part 1 as a service methodology to be integrated with a variety of mobile apps with respect to different transport modes. This document, the part 2 aims to provide trip and model choice applications and the related service specifications to users. The applications provide a variety of trip options to users with fixed or dynamic routes to the destination according to either on-schedule or on-demand requests by the users on nomadic device. In addition, it includes modal choice applications which provides a type of modes including private, public, and/or shared for users to choose to the destination. The urban mobility applications described in this document includes; This work includes the identification of exisiting International Standards for ITS in ISO/TC204 and existing vehicle communication network access standards.

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