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Tunnus:prEN 16510-2-5
Komitea:CEN/TC 295
Komitean nimi:Residential solid fuel burning appliances
Lausuntokierros alkanut:2023-04-09
Lausuntopyynnön määräaika:2023-06-08
Ehdotuksen soveltamisala:
This European Standard is applicable to residential freestanding hand fuelled intermittent burning slow heat release appliances having thermal storage capacity such that they can provide heat for an extended period of time after the fire has gone out. Maximum firing time is 3 hours. These slow heat release appliances may be supplied either as an assembled appliance or as a manufacturer’s predesigned unit consisting of prefabricated components designed to be built on site in accordance with the manufacturer’s specified assembly instructions. One off installations are not included as they are not covered by the scope of this standard. This European standard is also applicable to appliances which are designed for operating under room sealed conditions and which are intended to be installed into a chimney not serving any other appliances. These appliances can contain also fluid heating device which can be either a boiler or a heat exchanger that is not in contact with flames or flue gases. Note: Appliances which receive their combustion air from outside by means of a pipe system which is not air tight are not considered room sealed in accordance with this standard. This European Standard specifies requirements relating to the design, manufacture, construction, safety and performance (efficiency and emission) together with associated test methods and test fuels for residential slow heat release appliances fired by solid fuel (hereafter referred to as “appliances”), and provides instructions for them. Furthermore, it also gives provisions for evaluation of conformity i.e. initial type testing (ITT) and factory production control (FPC) and marking of these appliances. These appliances provide heat by radiation and convection from the surface and can also have channels for improved convection. They provide heat into the space where they are installed. Additionally if fitted with a boiler or a heat exchanger that is not in contact with flames or flue gases, these appliances may also provide domestic hot water and/or central heating. These appliances may burn either solid mineral fuels, peat briquettes, natural or manufactured wood logs or be multifuel fired in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. Wood pellets which are specifically intended to be hand fuelled can be burned either on the existing appliance bottom grate or in a special basket arrangement which is placed by the user into the existing firebox. This European Standard is not applicable to mechanically fed appliances. This European standard is also not applicable to appliances which are designed to be operated with ventilating systems which have pressure below (– 15 Pa) in relation to the outside atmosphere as measured in the room where the appliance is installed. This European Standard covers also CO, NOx, OGC (total hydrocarbons) and particulate matter emission test methods; however it does not contain any values for the limit on these emissions. This part 25 of a European Standard series is applicable to slow heat release appliances. This part 25 is to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of EN 165101 and its amendments. It is established on the basis of EN 165101: 2015. When this standard states “addition”, “modification” or “replacement”, the relevant text in part 1 is to be adapted accordingly.

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