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Tunnus:ISO/DIS 31031
Komitea:ISO/TC 262
Komitean nimi:Risk management
Lausuntokierros alkanut:2023-11-12
Lausuntopyynnön määräaika:2024-01-08
Ehdotuksen soveltamisala:
This document provides guidance for managing risk for youth and school trips for both domestic and international travel with specific attention to minors. It is intended for use by any organization, institution, or group, that provides activities, visits or trips for children and youth outside of their usual place of operation.
It covers trips of any duration from day trips visiting local points of interest to months-long trips to other continents. These trips can be for purposes such as excursions, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous or cultural activities undertaken for educational, research, training, or recreational purposes; the standard covers any sort of travel under the auspices of an organization, be it one person travelling for an internship or dozens travelling for a sporting match.
The standard not only covers the physical movement between locations but also the events and activities associated with the objectives of the trip.
The document provides good practices to address typical risks arising from activities related to trips. It also includes guidelines for creating an emergency response plan.
The standard does not apply to groups of vulnerable adults per se. However, some aspects of the guidance may also be relevant to managing trips for vulnerable adults.
This standard does not cover situations such as minors travelling with their families. As well, it will not include how to organize such trips and it will not be limited to adventure travel. Additionally, virtual travel will not be specifically covered by the standard.

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